You have never seen such trading before
No deposits, no loses, one start for all

unique in its kind trading gaming platform

What is Trade GO?
Trade GO Battles
Allows users to proof their trading skill and challenge with your friends and others to win real money
We will launch a large scale tournaments with massive real fiat prize pool
Demo Balance
Our aim is to make users closer to digital assets by providing Demo Balance
Trading How
Full collections of best trading practices and examples for continuous grow
Trade GO Universe
NFT marketplace, TOKEN giveaways, branded merchandise and more will be offered to community
Trade GO App
Trade GO Roadmap
Trade GO Team
Maksim Sukhonosik
COO of Colibri-group and ( more then 600k monthly visits)
Director of Fairdesk exchange in CIS and Russia (24H trading volume is $3B~)
Nikita Gurov
CEO of Mirai Vision who secured initial investment of $100.000 for product development.
Senior Data Scientist
Seoul National University alumni
Pavel Konstantinov
Art Director
Official artist of Synopsis 2021 and designer at Colibri-group @alien.bell
Launched 2 successful NFT drops on the Theta Drop platform, sold out in 4 min
Seoul National University alumni
Dmitry Andreev
Global Sales manager in Colibri-group
Casino work 6 year experience
Expert in game psychology
5 year in crypto space
Trade GO Token TBA 2023

TRG token - governance token

TRADE stable coin

1TRADE = $1

1TRG = 0.001$

Enter fee for normal trading game is from 1 to 50 TRADE

5% of TRADE from monthly turnover is giving away for free to users to make them more loyal to the APP and participate more battles in the future. Launching our own token after 1-2 years after launch main APP.

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Our platform allows users to proof their trading skill and challenge with your friends and any other users. And see what others think about current market situation in it community.

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